Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about North Shore Organic Living®.
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How should North Shore Organic Living® be stored?

If you purchased North Shore Organic Living® in a plastic mini greenhouse package you should store all varieties, except basil, in your refrigerator (the ideal temperature is between 38°F and 45°F). Basil likes to be ware so room temperature is best. When storing basil if you must choose between an environment that to too warm and one that is too cold choose the warmer area. You do not need to water North Shore Organic Living® that are sold greenhouse packaging; the herbs essentially water themselves. Snip off what you need and continue to store properly.  Or use mason jars to create an instant herb garden right in your kitchen window.  We recommend using clear jars so you can watch the water level.  Storing herbs this way you will need to water them daily.

If you purchased North Shore Organic Living® potted variety first remove the package by cutting along the dotted line. Then place the pot in a small dish and fill with ¼” to ½” of cool water; water daily in order to maintain this water level. An ideal location for your potted herbs is a cool area that receives partial sunlight, be mindful not to expose basil to temperatures below 50°F. These are fun to have at the ready in your kitchen so you can enjoy the fresh scent and easily snip off what you need to add to drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Can you plant North Shore Organic Living®?

Our products are intended for immediate culinary use so we suggest to keep them in close to where you cook by creating an instant herb garden in your kitchen. However, you can certainly try to replant our herbs, but we don’t guarantee that they’ll transplant successfully. North Shore Organic Living® are grown hydroponically in a climate-controlled environment and many of our herbs simply cannot survive the transition to a home garden. If you do attempt to replant them, here are some tips:

  • Leave a few leaves on the plant to keep it alive
  • Place the plant inside a pot with fresh soil and proper drainage
  • Water once a day
  • Since the plant is grown in a greenhouse, it’s best to keep it inside until it produces new leaves
  • Avoid extreme temperature changes

Why are the roots attached?

North Shore Organic Living® are packaged with the roots intact so you get the freshest herbs possible. Since they are still living they last much longer than traditional fresh cut herbs. When you use North Shore Organic Living® you are using herbs in their freshest state which enables you to experience their flavor as nature intended.

How long should North Shore Organic Living® last?

Some herb varieties are heartier than others but, on average, our herbs should last between 10 and 16 days from the time they are shipped from our greenhouses. Following the storage guidelines will maximize the freshness on all North Shore Organic Living® products.

What is the “dirt” in the container?

It’s not dirt! We grow our herbs in peat moss, which is a natural growing medium. Simply remove the herbs from the root ball when you are ready to use them. Even though our products are all guaranteed to be pesticide free we still recommend you rinse the herbs before use, as you would with your other produce items.

How are North Shore Organic Living® grown?

All North Shore Organic Living® products are grown hydroponically using the latest European greenhouse technology. Our unique growing system utilizes sustainable technology such as the reuse of water and the use of geothermal energy as a heat source. Our expert growers use integrated pest management techniques which means beneficial insects are used instead of pesticides to keep harmful pests out of the greenhouses. Furthermore we are SCS HACCP certified for Food Safety and Security. These techniques allow us to provide you and your family with the safe and consistently high quality herbs to enjoy all year round.