once upon a time

Our story started over thirty years ago  when Leo and Suzette met and fell in love in Carpinteria, California at the greenhouse run by Leo’s family.  They got married and moved to the beautiful Coachella Valley in 1987.  Leo and Suzette started on a shoestring budget and a borrowed tractor to create what is now over ten acres of greenhouse growing space.

organic living farms

at a greenhouse in the desert…

We grow everything hydroponically in greenhouses on our family farm. We were the first to grow and sell  the first full line of living herbs to be sold in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. Our living herbs were created to last up to three times longer than fresh cut herbs giving everyone more time to use them at home. Today we find people love being able to harvest the freshest herbs and greens right in their own kitchen at home.

lived a family…

It’s all in the family! With three generations of greenhouse growing experience under our belt we are passionate about utilizing technology and innovation to bring you high quality, sustainable products. At North Shore, we are all family.  We offer tuition reimbursement for higher education or second language classes as well as provide annual college scholarships for the children and grandchildren of all employees.  We had a big dream to grow the freshest herbs and greens and want to ensure our team has an opportunity to dream big, too!

our family

of foodies…

We’re self-proclaimed foodies around here and can be found talking about food all day, every day! It’s our life…and it’s delicious! Often times you can catch us experimenting with herb infused cocktails or teas (WHAT?!), taste testing herb flavored desserts (YUM), or dishing up different flavor combinations for appetizers, soups, sides and entrees. Seriously, we may have the best job ever…but you benefit, too. PROMISE!

who loved mama earth and…

We at North Shore Organic Living are so excited to be the first culinary herb grower in the United States to be Sustainably Grown Certified! Strict standards on earth-friendly and labor-friendly practices are checked and double-checked by a third party. We utilize renewable resources such as solar power energy to power up to 70% our greenhouse operations and geothermal energy to heat our greenhouses on cool winter nights. Our hydroponic growing method enables us to conserve water during a time where the current drought in California is top of mind to so many of us.

we love mama earth

educating the youth on real food

The future of farming is in the hands of our youth. We are passionate about teaching them where their food comes from and how to cook with fresh, healthy ingredients. There is even new research showing how some schools are using school gardens to improve test scores…so incredibly cool!

We’ve partnered with Real School Gardens, a non-profit organization dedicated to building learning gardens nationally at underfunded schools.  So Rad!

On our home turf, we work with the schools in our community to learn how we could best support them as a local greenhouse grower. These partnerships educate kids in Culinary and Agriculture Academies through class speakers, greenhouse tours and product donations.

Lastly, we support our local YMCA giving kids a safe place to learn, grow and play before and after school. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when a community comes together.

the end…or is it just the beginning!



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